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OG Comfort - Red Strap



If you could take a step back in time what would you see in the gym? Iron plates, steel bars, chain connected to plates which connected to a fixed bar (Don’t get it twisted, we love the clang of iron plates)

But…. Step into the now, where the cable is high tensile, runs so smooth in the guides you can’t feel any resistance. Imagine that at your finger tips combined with a comfortable and smooth transition from start to finish of your chosen movement. The disconnection where grip strength isn’t so much required and full mind-muscle is engaged from start to finish.

We are not playing around here. We have re-created an essential accessory to increase your functional movement from start to finish.

Product Size

Overall length 110cm
Handle length 17cm


High tensile woven polyester
D-Ring 316 Stainless Steel

Colour Red
Product Weight 300 grams
Carton Dimensions (LxWxH) 100*100*50mm



  •  Tricep push down
  •  Tricep extension
  •  Bentover tricep push down 
  •  Overhead tricep extension 
  •  Single arm tricep push down
  •  Bstrap* wrist roll tricep contraction
  •  Laying tricep extension


  • Bicep curl (hands through straps) 
  • Single arm bicep curl (back towards machine) 
  • Seated bicep curl 
  • Seated preacher curl
  • Single arm cross body bicep curl 


  •  Stiff arm pulldown close grip 
  •  Stiff arm wide grip pulldown 
  •  Single arm pulldown 
  •  Behind the neck lat pulldown 
  •  Close grip lat pulldown 
  •  Wide grip lat pulldown 
  •  Single arm lat pulldown 
  •  Cable row (seated) 
  •  Single arm cable row 
  •  Low cable row  


  •  Shoulder press
  •  Single arm shoulder press
  •  Single arm side lateral raise
  •  Front raise 
  •  Single arm front raise
  •  Upright row
  •  Single arm rear delt crossover 
  •  High face pull 
  •  Mid range face pull 
  •  Low range face pull 


  •  Squats (with cable at lowest point on machine)
  •  Cable goblet squat
  •  Glute pull through 
  •  Good mornings
  •  Straight leg RDL
  •  Glute kick back
  •  Single leg hip abduction 


Okay, let’s talk finer details:
Chris, our product designer has spent 100s of hours in the gym and countless hours on the sewing machine working out the finer details for each strap

Although they are alike in design and have an endless ROM (range of movement) they are very different in the way they move and feel in your hands.

The padding on the OG comfort is thick… 5mm thick. The OG comfort lives up to its name and provides a comfortable touch for those that enjoy a softer feel, whilst being flexible enough to have the capacity to execute all cable exercises. The neoprene padding is built to last and can absorb anything. The OG Comfort is especially suited to ab and glute exercises where hand comfort is paramount.

The OG has a lot more range of movement in your hands when doing tricep exercises as it doesn’t have the padding, so the ability to really squeeze and contract that inner and outer head really accentuates that horse shoe look.

The freedom to move your hands while doing exercises with the OG is something this strap was specifically designed for and is the catalyst to our straps uniqueness.

OG vs OG Comfort - same same but different.


Equipment isn’t much use without the know how. To set you up for success we have some exercise selection content to help you on your way. With a range of movements for each part of the body, you will be equipped with the knowledge to implement these exercises into your workout using the Bstrap. All of these movements will compliment any training style for any goal by utilising optimum range of movement and mind-muscle connection.

Don’t talk about it….B about it!

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